John Paull

A native of Columbus, John (JP) has been working to advance the sales and technology of companies nationwide for 20 years. He is involved in several successful growing business in the technology, sales and marketing space. His goal is tp improve every aspect of businesses from the technology they, run on to how they communicate their services to a wide audience.

"We are in the midst of a massive change, not just in WHAT businesses and entreprenurers do, but also importantly is HOW they do it. We are connected and mobile and not tethered to the confines of our offices. I want ot hep businesses enable their employees, clients and partners with solutions that let them thrive in the new economic realities" - John Paull

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Technology Experts

Specializing in telecommunications and our connected world.

Who what Where when Why

Where why meets how

The first step is evaluationg why you are doing something. We can help you with that. The next step is how do I do this? Once we've helped you with that process we become your HOW.

Architecture Plans

Begining to (Planned) End

From product conception to creating effective sales paths and product/market fit. Our team of experts and partners is with you every step of the way.

Climbing the success

We enable you

We exist to make you and your business better. From access to implimentations we work to understand and then make you do better.